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    London Born

    Wine with a stiff upper lip.

    Aure wines was a family-owned winery in Beamsville who needed to tell a story: their own. Coming from England, a country more known for drinking wine than making it, set them apart. And when it comes to wine, that’s what makes you stand out. Not just the wine. But the unique experience. Enter Jan Kelley to challenge the brand to stay true to its roots. Soon after the result was a rebrand to the London Born Wine Co., complete with this first execution of their website.

    Nevermind the bollocks.

    The first launch of the website needed to be straight to the point, communicating the rebrand in a way that was fun and easy to navigate. But we also needed to keep in mind that the site would grow in the near future. The focus was first on telling the story. And doing so in a way that would set them apart from the rest of the Beamsville Bench and Ontario’s growing wine region.

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